Thursday, September 15, 2011

Big Day

Well, Caroline had her first day of preschool without her mom tagging along today. She seemed to have a great time and even make a few new friends. She insisted that as I was dropping her off we take another picture outside (just like we did on Tuesday), but it didn't turn out so well thanks to the sun. Thankfully we got some good ones the other day.

Grandma picked her up from school while Jack and I headed to the hospital for a follow up ultrasound on his kidney and appointment with his urologist. After the ultrasound we had about an hour and a half to kill. So since Jack hadn't had lunch yet and there weren't too many kid-friendly options I decided to get him a piece of pizza. And this was no small piece of pizza. He mastered pizza eating pretty fast!

All was well with the one kidney and the other couldn't even be found on the ultrasound (that's a good thing).

****Sidenote - this was the creepy thing hanging over the exam table at the urologist's office.  Is this really supposed to help someone feel better who's laying there.  Wouldn't do it for me!

So we headed home. While waiting for Caroline to come home, Scott, Jack and I sat in the family room. Jack decided to sit on our little step and from there, stand up and walk over to Scott. Like it was no big thing. Except it was BIG! We then preceded to make him do it over and over again so we could get it on video and share it. Enjoy!


Deb said...

Way to go Jack!! I knew you could do it :)

Caroline - hope your first real day at school was super-fun!! Love you guys. Mom Mangurten

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