Tuesday, September 13, 2011

It's been too about some pictures?

 Well, it's been too long to catch up with lots of words, so let's just look at pictures:  Here is what has been happening around here lately :)

Caroline loved the backyard this summer

Hanging out with some great friends (some close and some from far away)

I gave Jack his first hair cut - does he look a little worried?
My handsome boy

Jack turned 1 on June 30th.  We had a great time celebrating his beach-themed birthday at Sandy Pines with family and friends. 


We took Caroline to a Whitecaps game where she enjoyed a bounce house, seeing Franky, having her first Slurpee and even watching fireworks after 15 innings of baseball! 

The rest of the summer was filled with LOTS of time at Sandy Pines, visits from friends and family, blueberry picking, and some firsts.

I love how both kids are too busy eating their blueberries to smile for the picture.

He already loves to read!

Hanging out with some of her buddies at the lake.

"Ball. Ball. Ball"  We heard this a lot this summer.  We have recently also started hearing "Goggy. Goggy" (aka Doggy)

He loves to eat!

Labor Day with the Bergers

Jack taking his first steps towards the camera.  Still working on taking some more.
 After Labor Day Caroline had the chance to visit her preschool and then we had a visit from our Minnesota family.  It was lots of fun!

Caroline, Aunt Jill, Juliana, Kaitrin

Caroline and Grandpa Great

Checking out the instructions for visiting day.

The girl loves accessories.  Does a cow hat count?

Cousins!  I wish these two lived closer to each other.  The have so much fun together.

Jack having his first tootsie pop.  How many licks does it take?  Probably a few less when there's lots of extra drool involved.
 Caroline just had her first official day of preschool.  She is attending a Spanish-immersion school and is SUPER excited!

1st day of school!

And every big occasion deserves to be celebrated with ice cream.

Thanks for checking in on us.  Hopefully it will be less than 5 months before you hear from us again.  If this guy starts walking for real, I'll let you know :)


Heather @ A Little Hope in My Pocket said...

ummm... you left out the NKOTBSB concert. That was a MAJOR highlight of the last few months :)

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